Ahmad Fadli

Senior Associate
Tempat : Jakarta, Indonesia
Telepon : +6221 2788 9027
Faksimil : +6221 2788 9030
Email : ahmad.fadli@brigitta.co.id

Based in Jakarta, Fadli has experience in a wide variety of clients on all aspects of establishing or acquiring and operating a business in Indonesia. He advises multi-national companies on investment laws, the Company Law and Indonesia laws with respect to corporate and commercial matters, such as mergers and acquisitions of private companies and businesses, Usaha bersama / Joint Venture, corporate restructuring and employment-related matters.

He has advised multinational companies in foreign investment, including establishing foreign business in Indonesia. He graduated with an LLB (Sarjana Hukum / SH) from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia in 2000, after also completed a 3-year-diploma program in English language from the same University in 1996.

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