Our Clients & Practice Areas

Ranging from multinational corporations and financial institutions to private companies, public organizations and governmental bodies, foundations, and individuals, our clients participate in a broad spectrum of activity in such areas as banking and finance, underwriting, insurance, investment, leasing, infra-structure projects, energy (public utilities, oil and gas), industry (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, computers) retail, trade and distribution, real estate, telecommunications, media and entertainment.

Among BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS's domestic and international clients are some of the world's foremost companies. In adherence to Indonesian rules of professional conduct, the firm does not name represented clients, although the fact that a particular company or institution is represented by BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS's often is a matter of public record.

In response to the needs of our clients, specialization has become an important characteristic of our practice. Our lawyers are grouped into units, each specializing in an area of the law. However, we practice as one firm. Lawyers from different disciplines are in close contact, enabling us to offer a "team" approach, combining lawyers from different practice groups.

The areas of law and commercial activity covered by BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS's practice include, among others, mergers and acquisitions, international business transactions, general corporate matters, corporate and special finance, banking, insurance, securities laws, project finance, leasing, intellectual and industrial property law, telecommunications, environmental law, employment and labor law, insolvency law, real estate, building and construction.

Banking & Insurance

BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS represents a significant number of domestic and foreign international banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, both in general corporate matters and in connection with their specific industry-related business activities. In addition, the firm advises on banking and insurance regulatory matters. We have frequent contact with regulatory authorities in the banking and insurance industry in Indonesia.

Corporate Law

As part of our general corporate practice we advise clients on all matters of Indonesian corporate law, including:

  • The formation and operation of corporations, general and limited partnerships, as well as other legal entities and forms of association;

  • Parent company/subsidiary relations;

  • Arrangements among shareholders;

  • Corporate restructuring and reorganizations;

  • Management buy-outs.

    Considering the nature of the matters involved, our corporate lawyers often advise clients in close consultation with our tax specialist.

Corporate and Special Finance

The firm is also well known for its corporate and special finance practice, covering a broad variety of traditional and modern types of transactions, including:

Corporate Finance

  • public offerings of debt and equity securities;

  • private placements;

  • syndicated loan and club facilities;

  • LBO and venture capital financing; and,

  • secured and unsecured lending.

Special Finance

  • project finance

  • cross border lease transactions

  • off balance sheet financing

  • aircraft financing

  • asset-backed securities

The services of the firm cover all legal aspects of such transactions ranging from advice on structuring transactions, matters of securities laws and enforcement issues, to drafting prospectuses and other relevant documentation.

International Business Transactions

BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS provides services to clients engaged in international trade and investments related to such transactions and matters as:

  • international sales contracts, franchise, agency, and distributionship agreements;

  • international financing and securities;

  • joint ventures;

  • and Indonesian regulations and government subsidies with respect to foreign investment in manufacturing, banking, and real estate.

  • All matters relating to WTO, including among others GATT, GATS, Agriculture Agreement, Investment Agreement, Bilateral Service and Investment Agreement, Varios Governmental Measures in relation to subsidies, safeguards and non-trade measures such as TBT and SPS.
Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Intellectual and industrial property law is an important field of specialization within BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS. This area of practice includes contract drafting and dispute resolution in the field of patents, trademarks, copyrights, advertising and media, often in cooperation with leading patent and trademark agents.

Our experts in this field work closely with the lawyers in the intellectual and industrial property department. Copyright work is a rapidly expanding area too, due to the proliferation of new information technologies and the growth of the information industry.


The Indonesian telecommunications industry is moving towards competition and privatization. Although for the time being monopoly positions are maintained by the national telecommunications operators, the involvement of private telecom companies is increasing quickly and strategic alliances are being formed.

BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS lawyers have long been advising national mobile operators and public or private companies which are active in the field of telecommunications. In view of the increasing activity in this BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS has recently formed the Telecommunications Group. This practice group brings together the expertise in telecommunications of lawyers of various disciplines. This enables the firm to respond even more quickly and effectively to the needs of its clients in this area.

Real Estate, Engineering and Construction

We have a diversified real estate practice, representing domestic and international clients, including institutional investors, in real property transactions in Indonesia. This practice area includes real estate sale and purchase transactions, leasing, as well as corporate and project finance. BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS represents institutional lenders and banks with respect to long-term loans, real estate related forms of security or collateral, such as mortgages, and recovery of loans to real estate entities through foreclosure and other mechanisms.

We also represent commercial real estate developers and investors in structuring real estate transactions, forming limited partnerships, and advising on property management and related finance aspects. In the field of engineering and construction BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS represents a number of major engineering and construction firms in negotiating and drafting contracts, reviewing liability risks, and settling claims.

Employment and Labor Law

Our services in this field range from drafting contracts for individual directors and employees, to collective bargaining and labor litigation.

An important part of the practice concerns advising on matters relating to Industrial Relation Court.

More than ever before, labor relations play an important role in corporate reorganizations and acquisitions. Employee benefit plans, the negotiation of compensation plans in cases of mass dismissals, and pension plan schemes, all form an integral part of the employment and labor law practice.

Mergers and Acquisitions

BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS has a strong M & A practice. We advise both domestic and foreign clients on all legal aspects of such transactions as public takeover bids, tender offers, takeovers or mergers of privately-held companies, acquisitions of stock or assets, formation of joint ventures and corporate restructurings, both at a national level and in cross border situations. The firm counsels and represents its clients in connection with the applicable Indonesian merger control regulations as well as compliance with stock exchange and securities laws requirements. In addition, the lawyers of BRIGITTA I. RAHAYOE & PARTNERS frequently organize and perform the necessary due diligence inquiry on behalf of the client in connection with a proposed transaction.


Our firm also feature a solid and highly experience team in handling matters related to divestment, spinoff and liquidation, providing prompt and efficient settlement inside or outside the court of law which also includes liquidation which preempted by bankruptcy petition through the commercial court.

Mining & Agriculture

Indonesia’s vast natural resources sector, including minerals, gas and petroleum exploration, is being further opened up by globalization. From industry restructuring to mining license considerations, the legal and commercial issues of resources projects can be wide ranging and complex.

Our clients are involved in diverse projects, from exploration and extraction of minerals, oil and gas, to upstream product treatment - electricity generation, alumina refining, aluminium smelting, oil refining and gas liquefaction. We have the capacity to handle large, multi-party joint venture projects involving major issues relating to the environment, infrastructure, land use policy, native title, joint venture documentation, construction contracts, supply contracts, sales and contracts, project finance and tax and risk management.